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This is new.

I hope I don't fuck this up.

Went to a local 24 hour diner, got waited on by this real cute guy. My buddy was like "I bet you won't leave your number, be adventurous for once" so I'm like "stfu" and I did it.

Kid went to my high school, a few years younger than me, but I don't think he knew who I was. I shot him a facebook friend request, he accepted (!!! (but I guess not really because people accept random strangers )).

And I lead in with the lamest fucking thing on his wall, "holy shit, I knew you looked familiar, 'sup fellow GHSer" (<initials of the school). Conversation has started where we're starting to get to know each other. It's reciprocal question asking (see that's the kinda' over-analyzing shit I shouldn't think of).Haven't gone back in the diner yet, legitimately not had time, and call me out because I'm sure someone is gonna' be like LOL STALKERFACE. It's just, this is weird, I'm sure my social awkwardness is gonna' fuck me in the end, but from what I've heard, this kid is really weird, too, and kinda' goofy in that social misfit way. I'm just wigging out about the next trip into the diner.
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