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There's something wrong with Hollywood when Avatar wins Best Drama.

Something even worse when The Hangover beats out 500 Days of Summer.

And Downey Jr. beat Levitt for Sherlock Holmes.

Fuck you, Hollywood. If you had the time to take your mouths off of Cameron's dick, you'd be able to give these awards to the right people.

First day of my last semester... my Tuesdays have a 5 hour break between them. Thinking of going to the mall either today or tomorrow to do some clothes shopping. Maybe a movie now. I'm sleepy. It's 11:45 and my next class is at 3:30.

I have to get my back waxed too. I didn't talk about the fear notebook? I didn't talk about the fear notebook. I forget I have about 16 weeks of information to update with. That's for another day.

I was taking a shit in the handicapped stall on campus. I heard the familiar CLICK, CLICK, CLICK of one of those guys that has the supporter-things on his arm to help him walk. Like, I don't know, a fourth set of legs or some shit. I'm doing a piss-poor job explaining it.

Brief panic overwhelmed me as I was in mid-shit and really couldn't speed the process up. Thankfully, he passed by the bathroom.

And I realized that whenever I need to take a shit in a public place, it's the handicapped stall.
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