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My Fear Notebook

In an effort to improve myself and get myself out of self-imposed comfort zones and areas, I've decided to create a fear notebook. In this notebook, which I plan on carrying around with me everywhere, I've listed (as of right now) 32 things I'm afraid of doing. Some relate to each other; some are just little sayings and mantras that I need to prove to myself are either true or false. In an effort to take care of 32, I've decided to make this public. I'm well aware of some of the humor and silliness of these things; trust me. A lot of it is social skills and my own feelings of self-inadequacy that I wish to overcome. I figure that posting this will help keep me honest; it's public, it's out there, and once other people see this, they can keep me... I dunno', on the right path?

1. Tell him
2. Physical intimacy
3. Wax body hair (chest and back specifically)
4. Go clean shaven, no beard, for a month
5. Sing in front of a large group of people
6. Dance
7. No rely on alcohol to do any of these things
8. Go to a party and not wallflower it
9. Say hi to attractive people more often
10. Stand up for yourself
11. Be nice to his mother
12. Be comfortable in your clothes
13. Put yourself in the spotlight and be okay with it
14. No marijuana until April 20th, at least
15. Swim
16. Do not be afraid of small talk
17. Don't avoid people you find attractive
18. Don't wait for the gym shower to be empty before going in.
19. Go to a gay bar.
20. Find out what "out there" is and put yourself there
21. Get to be more comfortable talking to tables and customers.
22. Try a new hair cut.
23. Shyness is a myth. Prove it.
24. If you see her, talk to her!
25. Confront unnecessary drama and don't leave any elephants in the room.
26. Do not be compelled to do what others think you should do.
27. If something bothers you, mention it; don't let it go.
28. The past does not dictate your future. Prove it.
29. Do an approach. Do many approaches.
30. Assert yourself.
31. Go to a popular, weekend kinda' bar and do not stop yourself from having a good time.
32. Allow yourself to be honest with your emotions, feelings and thoughts.
33. Go to a gay party.

Interesting note; I've made progress on a few of them. So, go me?
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